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Professional Makeup at Discount Prices

Be it lipstick, eyeshadow, powders or even remover, we carry some of the most affordable yet quality makeup products that you’ll find. We have a huge selection of products in various shades and you’ll also find all the tools and accessories you need to get the look you deserve. Why pay more for products when you can get the same results using our discount makeup?

Equip Yourself With Makeup Palettes

Want a simple palette that comes with all the tools and shades that you need for a quick touch-up at home? Then look no further than our brow defining palettes. At just $19.98 each palette, you’re getting three shades and a set of tools for a seriously low price.

If you’d prefer individual colours, then we offer plenty of Bodyography single-colour palettes that can be used all over the face. You can use them as blush, eyeshadow or even liner. At just $18.00 each, you’ll make huge savings and you’ll be able to pick out individual colours that you love.

Perfect Nails Every Time

From discount nail buffers to powder polish starter kits, we offer a massive range of makeup products that are specifically targeted to your nails. A 3-way nail buffer costs just $3.92–a huge discount compared to what you would pay at a high street store. They’re cushioned, feature various grits and buffers and are the perfect addition to any makeup chest.

Need the basics as well? Then don’t forget a simple pair of curved nail clippers. At just $4.94 each, our clippers are sturdy, long-lasting, cut your nails perfect every time and come in no-hassle packaging–what more could you ask for?

Beautiful Kissable Lips

We offer many shades of lipstick in our collection of discounted makeup products. From a light and pale Mistral to a bold and dark Rico, our collection of lipsticks will have you thinking up endless makeup combinations and possibilities. Our long-lasting super-pigmented formulas are loaded with Vitamin C and E to help protect your lips, and they’re made from aloe vera bases meaning they are creamy, luscious and will never bleed.

Of course, we can’t forget to exfoliate our lips as well. We have lip treatments for sale at just $27.00 each–a bargain price for such a useful item. Simply apply a small amount of the lip scrub to your lips and rub in circular patterns. They can be used daily and will guarantee smooth and conditioned lips.

There’s no reason to pay more for your makeup. Browse our selection of discounted products and you’ll find that getting your perfect look can be simple, inexpensive and a lot more fun.

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