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  • Application Brush - Hard (5pk)
    Application Brush - Hard (5pk)
    RRP $22.99
  • Application Brush - Soft (5pk)
    Application Brush - Soft (5pk)
    RRP $22.99
  • Application Sticks
    Application Sticks
    RRP $8.95
  • Artist Palette
    Artist Palette
    RRP $22.95
  • Creme Oxidant
    Creme Oxidant
    RRP $21.95
  • Eye Pads Extra Packet 80
    Eye Pads Extra Packet 80
    RRP $14.95
  • Eye Pads Packet 96
    Eye Pads Packet 96
    RRP $13.99
  • Liquid Oxidant 3%
    Liquid Oxidant 3%
    RRP $13.99
  • Longlash Balsam
    Longlash Balsam
    RRP $12.80
  • Micellar Eye Make-Up Remover
    Micellar Eye Make-Up Remover
    RRP $19.99
  • Saline Solution
    Saline Solution
    RRP $16.99
  • Silicone Eye Pads
    Silicone Eye Pads
    RRP $33.95
  • Skin Protection Creme
    Skin Protection Creme
    RRP $16.99
  • Styling Gel
    Styling Gel
    RRP $28.00
  • Tint Remover
    Tint Remover
    RRP $27.99
  • Care Balm
    Care Balm
    RRP $31.00
  • Eyelash Lift Kit
    Eyelash Lift Kit
    RRP $199.99
  • Lifting Pads - Large (Pair)
    Lifting Pads - Large (Pair)
    RRP $26.95
  • Lifting Pads - Medium (Pair)
    Lifting Pads - Medium (Pair)
    RRP $26.95
  • Lifting Pads - Small (Pair)
    Lifting Pads - Small (Pair)
    RRP $26.95
    RRP $12.80
  • Lash Perm Glue
    Lash Perm Glue
    RRP $21.99
  • Lash Perm Mini Cosmetic Dishes
    Lash Perm Mini Cosmetic Dishes
    RRP $10.95
  • Lash Perm - Perm Solution and Neutraliser
    Lash Perm - Perm Solution and Neutraliser
    RRP $37.10
  • Lash Perm Rollers - Large
    Lash Perm Rollers - Large
    RRP $22.95
    RRP $22.95
    RRP $22.95
    RRP $20.40
  • Lash & Brow Mini Styling Kit
    Lash & Brow Mini Styling Kit
    RRP $79.95
  • Starter Kit - Basic Colours
    RRP $219.95
  • Starter Kit - Creative Colours
    RRP $210.55
  • Lash & Brow Booster
    Lash & Brow Booster
    RRP $120.00
  • Tint No 1.1 Graphite
    Tint No 1.1 Graphite
    RRP $16.95
  • Tint No 3.1 Light Brown
    Tint No 3.1 Light Brown
    RRP $16.95
  • Sensitive Tint Remover
    Sensitive Tint Remover
    RRP $32.80
  • Tint No 0 Blonde
    Tint No 0 Blonde
    RRP $16.95
  • Tint No 1 Pure Black
    Tint No 1 Pure Black
    RRP $16.95
  • Tint No 2 Blue/Black
    Tint No 2 Blue/Black
    RRP $16.95
  • Tint No 3 Natural Brown
    Tint No 3 Natural Brown
    RRP $16.95
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RefectoCil is a top beauty brand that has been trusted and recommended by beauty specialists for nearly 90 years.  RefectoCil specialises in providing customers with products for stunning eyebrow and eyelash tints that guarantee a long-lasting effect. With our value priced RefectoCil products, you can get the essential kit for eyebrow and eyelash tinting. It’s ideal if you want a subtle change that will completely alter your style.


Choose From A Variety Of Tint Numbers

If you are looking for the perfect RefectoCil tint for you, don’t forget to check out our full range of Refectocil Number tints. You can get everything from blonde, pure black, graphite, blue, natural brown and light brown. With a full selection of different tints to choose from, you’ll be able to find the ultimate shade that suits your needs and your style.

A RefectoCil tint can be used to enhance lashes and ensure that your eyebrows are beautifully defined. If you are looking for a product that provides a long-lasting effect, this is definitely what you need. Your new colour will last up to six weeks! If you head on vacation, you’ll never need to worry about your eyes looking anything less than stunning. RefectoCil have nine different colours to choose from, and you can find many of them right here.


Go Pro With A Complete RefectoCil Tint Kit

Whether you want to make sure that your eyebrows and lashes look flawless or you are interested in breaking into the beauty therapist industry, RefectoCil is the brand you need. A full RefectoCil Tint Kit will ensure that lashes and brows look absolutely flawless with the ultimate look. On our store, you will find everything from eye pads to an artist palette all at budget-friendly prices. You can build an entire RefectoCil Tin kit with everything you need including RefectoCil brushes. With these cosmetic application brushes, you’ll have the tools you need for a flawless finish, available in hard and soft styles.  

If you want to go further and shape eyebrows, make sure you try RefectoCil Wax. This is the ultimate solution for gorgeously shaped brows and pain-free treatment. Made from natural materials, these products are even good for your skin.

You can purchase a full RefectoCil Tint Kit in a range of different styles including basic colours, creative colours and even mini-kits, ideal for experimenting with new styles.


Explore RefectoCil’s Complementary Products

RefectoCil offers a wide range of products that can be used with their tint solutions. RefectoCil Oxidant offer a stabilised developer to make sure that you get the optimum effect with eyelash eyebrow tints. You can use products like this around sensitive areas with no issues at all, and a droplet device ensures that these products can be used precisely to ensure the best results.

The brand also offers balsam, incredibly effective make-up removers, saline solutions and much more. Make sure you browse all our products and take advantage of these incredible products for prices that beat other sellers by a large margin.

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