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  • Nail Strengthener Regular Calcium
    Nail Strengthener Regular Calcium
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An award-winning selection of nail strengthening products under their belt, Revitanail has become one of the most popular exclusive nail care providers in Australia and internationally. From their technologically advanced strengthening serums to their triple-strength nail polishes, many of their selections have found their ways into the kits of some of the top nail care providers in the country.

Discount Beauty Supplies carries a range of Revitanail products that can help you ensure you give clients the level of nail treatment they deserve.


Revitanail strengthener

A superior nail care treatment that’s easy to apply and quick acting. The Revitanail nail strengthener hardens, reinforces, and protects nails all in one product. Empowered with calcium gel, it helps restore your nails directly, offering it the minerals it needs to restore nails that have been damaged due to past extensions.

Revitanail’s reputable nail strengthening products eliminate peeling, flaking, and chipping, enhancing nail growth while protecting weak and brittle nails. Clients nails will grow back beautifully after past treatments and are an essential product for the post-removal process of artificial nails or shellac.


Revitanail oil

The Revitanail Nourishing Cuticle oil is an essential tool for treatment and care of cuticles. Made with a blend of natural oils, herbal extracts, and multi-vitamins, its conditioning and softening effects play a long-term role in nail and hand care.

This oil contains a whole host of extracts from vitamin-rich ingredients like sweet almond, apricot, olive, and jojoba, each of them well known for their skin and nail enriching properties.

Easy to apply with a brush, with a mild herbal fragrance, and fast absorbing, it gets to work fast, banishing dry cuticles. Specially created to have a gentle oily consistency and an even spread, but without any of the runniness and stickiness associated with a lot of cuticle oils.


Revitanail coat

If you want a product that offers a super-fast top coat with a superior gloss and a smooth, smudge-free finish, then Revitanail top coat might be just the product for you. A thin coat that’s easy to apply with a brush and dries quickly compared to many of its contemporaries, this top coat contains much of the nail strengthening and enhancing products that the brand is otherwise known for.

A long-lasting coat that protects your nails from chips and damage days longer than its competitors, it will keep your manicure in place and protected. Made with a host of nail and skin-friendly ingredients, the Revitanail top coat doesn’t contain any strong fragrances that can end up drying out your skin and nails.

Take a closer look at the Revitanail products we store as well as the other brands and ranges in our store. We have everything from the top professional hair care, skin care, nail care providers and much more.

All of our products are competitively priced, saving you up to as much as 80% off the recommended retail prices. You can even get delivery totally free for purchases above $100, so make sure you get a good look at everything Discount Beauty Supplies offers.

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