Naked Tan

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  • Exotic Solution
    Exotic Solution
    RRP $95.00
  • Tanned Solution
    Tanned Solution
    RRP $95.00
  • Natural Solution
    Natural Solution
    RRP $95.00
  • Body Cleanser
    Body Cleanser
    RRP $14.99
  • Body Exfoliator
    Body Exfoliator
    RRP $24.99
  • Creme De La Creme
    Creme De La Creme
    RRP $25.99
  • Gradual Tan
    Gradual Tan
    RRP $27.99
  • Tanned Bronzing Mousse
    Tanned Bronzing Mousse
    RRP $35.99
  • Logo Beach Bag
    Logo Beach Bag
    RRP $0.00
    RRP $399.00
  • Chocolate Solution
    Chocolate Solution
    RRP $95.00
  • Goddess Instant Tan
    Goddess Instant Tan
    RRP $27.99
  • Tan Remover Mitt
    Tan Remover Mitt
    RRP $9.99
  • Chocolate Bronzing Mousse
    Chocolate Bronzing Mousse
    RRP $35.99
  • 20 Minute Rapid Tan
    20 Minute Rapid Tan
    RRP $105.00
  • Face Tan Mist
    Face Tan Mist
    RRP $27.95
  • Ultra Dark Bronzing Mousse
    Ultra Dark Bronzing Mousse
    RRP $35.99
  • Ultra Dark Solution
    Ultra Dark Solution
    RRP $120.00
  • Goddess Applicator Mitt
    Goddess Applicator Mitt
    RRP $18.99
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Naked Tan is Australia’s most popular tanning brand. Vegan-friendly, this brand was established in 2007 and is responsible for the first ever two-hour wash and wear tan. Using these products you can feel like a true bronzed beauty. Every forty-five seconds a woman will receive a Naked Tan spray in Australia and with our brilliant stock at budget beating prices, you can be one of them!


Choose Different Tanning Speeds

You might want a tan right away. Perfect for parties, events and looking fabulous as you board the plane for a tropical trip, Naked Tan Goddess Instant Tan is the product you need. Your skin will have a gorgeous great colour in minutes. Alternatively, Naked Tan also offer gradual tan options, rapid 20-minute tan products and a self-tan cream. You can apply this yourself and get a professional tan with your own two hands. Regardless of the time you want to spend, we have the Naked Tan products you need.


Go Pro With Your Tanning

Naked Tan are well known for their exceptional spray tanning solution. You might not want to head to a beauty salon every time you want a perfect tan. The Naked Tan Tanning Pro Machine is the ultimate alternative that you can buy right now. At an absolute steal of a price for what it can do to you, this product would also be ideal for anyone interested in tanning as a beauty professional.


Ideal For Every Use

Do you hate it when you can’t take a dip without spoiling a great tan? With the Naked tan tanning solution, you can get the ultimate option with a water-resistant Tan product that won’t be impacted when you want to take a swim in your hotel pool. Even rain can cause issues with some tanning solutions. You won’t find this when you use Naked Tan.


Get The Right Tan For You

Be a gorgeous goddess and choose the right type of tan for you. There’s lots of different possibilities to consider when you use a Naked Tan tanning mousse to make sure you get the ultimate colour. Naked Tan Luxe will give you a medium to dark glow in just twenty minutes! This is the fastest developing tan in the world right now.

Do you want a tan that looks natural and incredible? Naked Tan Natural will give you a breathtaking tan, and no one will be able to tell that you’re using a beauty product at all. Ideal for hiding imperfections it’s a great subtle solution and perfect for pale skin tones.

If you want to look like an exotic beauty, fresh from a vacation in a luxurious location like the deserts of Dubai, make sure you try Naked Tan Exotic. With Exotic, you can wear it back to work after a weekend and pretend you have jetted off to a tropical location. With this medium to dark tanning solution, you will have a stunning colour sure to make friends green with envy.


Try a Naked Tan tanning solution today and take advantage of the fantastic prices on all our Naked products.


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