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  • Balance - Cleansing Scrub
    Balance - Cleansing Scrub
    RRP $49.99
  • Balance - Matifying Lotion
    Balance - Matifying Lotion
    RRP $59.99
  • Balance - Exfoliating Gel
    Balance - Exfoliating Gel
    RRP $84.95
  • Balance - Matifying Cream
    Balance - Matifying Cream
    RRP $59.99
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100% Italian skincare products designed with quality in mind...

From concept to creation, 100% of Vagheggi products are created and produced in Italy on the Vagheggi private plant. This means that the Vagheggi products are designed and created to be exactly what they were intended to be, unlike many other products from various other beauty brands.


Complete with eight beauty lines for the face, four for the body, two luxury lines, one makeup line, one sun care lin, and three special editions every year, the Vagheggi brand offers a product line quite unlike anything else. Each and every product that is designed, is created with quality in mind. Products are designed to be of the highest quality, offering a professional approach to beauty, skin care, and makeup.


A natural touch

Vagheggi offers a new approach to ‘natural beauty’ with the concept of ‘natural products’ being reworked via the most advanced laboratory analysis and the most up to date technologies. The concept behind the product range is to create cosmetics that are made from a selection of raw materials, with geographic origins, concentration of active ingredients, seasonality, and harvesting methods in mind.


This carefully controlled process means that when it comes to the Vagheggi product range, each product is filled with a selection of carefully chosen ingredients that provide products which are second-to-none in terms of quality. Each element of any Vagheggi product is meticulously studied, to ensure that it’s a good fit for the product at hand.


The product range

Offering a wide range of different cosmetics products, the Vagheggi product range if vast and varied. There is a product for every cosmetic need, from face creams, oils and serums to body scrubs, acne prevention, and a men’s line, there’s a wide range of products on offer, it’s just a case of choosing the line and products that are the best fit for your needs, whether those are professional or personal.

From the 75.15 Line which offers a range of face products, including the Vagheggi Gel Like Mask, Vagheggi Precious Face Oil, and Vagheggi Face Scrub, to the Vagheggi Intense Line, which offers products like the Relaxing Face Cream, there are various lines available. 


Perfect for professional and home use…

One of the fantastic things about the Vagheggi product range is that it’s designed to be suitable for both professional use and home use. The sheer quality of the products make them professional cosmetics, however they also function well as home use cosmetics.


Many people go to a salon or spa, enjoy the treatments and products so much that they want to buy them, but this isn’t always an option. However, with the Vagheggi product range it is, as each product has been designed for personal and professional use, from the face oil and creams to lotions and serums, every product can be used both professionally and at home.

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