Romance Hard Creme Wax

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Romance Hard Creme Wax

Romance Hard Creme Wax
800 GM
RRP: $33.95

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Choose Romance for waxing delicate areas and if you like a bit of shimmer in your top-quality wax.

Microwave to pot technology.

The Romance Hard Wax is an ultra gentle and exceptionally flexible, creamy, pink wax that contains Titanium Dioxide making it the perfect feminine XXX wax. The Romance Strip Wax is a velvety, translucent feminine XXX wax that is also gentle on delicate skins. With a gorgeous shimmer, it offers a fine, non-dragging application and a smooth, residue free finish.

  •         Perfect for XXX
  •         Strip Wax is gentle on delicate skin
  •         Hard Wax is exceptionally flexible
  •         Contains Mica for a gentle wax and a nice shimmer
  •         Rose scented




Caronlab Australia developed the Microwave to Pot ™ technology to help make beauty therapists’ lives easier. Our main goal was to create the flexibility to have a pot of wax hot and ready to go in mere minutes! Our Microwave to Pot™ technology is used for both our hard and strip waxes and it takes the mess and fuss out of waxing!

Just open your pot, place it in the microwave and once the wax is melted, simply insert the whole pot into the Caronlab Wax Heater* or pour the wax in.

*Don’t try this with other brands’ pots, they will melt in the wax heater.


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