Tints - Henna Brown #1

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Tints - Henna Brown #1

Tints - Henna Brown #1
10 ML
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Delicious Henna comes packed in a 10gram tube.

Henna is a 99.5% natural product that has the power to stain the skin and penetrate the hair shaft. 

Mixed with 4-5 drops of water into a paste and applied with a thin brush on the skin and hair shaft it is then left on for 15-20 minutes.

The colour effects last up to 14 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair shaft.



Available in 12 colours


Blonde 1. Pearl Blonde - Translucent - For fair clients, the lightest colour.

Blonde 2. Light Blonde - Warm - Still light enough for very fair clients, but is a bit deeper than Blonde 1.

Blonde 3. Light Chestnut - Ash - Hero colour for blondes/grey very subtle - This colour creates a slight skin stain with a bit more warmth.

Blonde 4. Golden Blonde - Very gold/warm - A warmer slightly deeper blonde.

Blonde 5. Dark Taupe - Ash - Hero colour for blondes I would call this very similar to a Neutral Blonde - Can be mixed with other blondes to cool them down, a true cool based blonde.


Brown 1. Neutral Light Brown - Ash - Hero colour, equal to natural brown - For those that don't want to see any deepth to their brows for dark blondes and redheads.

Brown 2. Cold Coffee - Warm - This colour suits most clients, even those that are medium red brown.

Brown 3. Intensive Grey Brown - Ash - Hero colour the darkest colour/brown - This colour creates a visable stain, a rich taupe. 

Brown 4. Dark Chocolate - Liquid Chocolate - For those clients that want to see more deepth and warmth to their brows, perfect for darker blondes and brunettes.

Brown 5. Frosty Auburn - Auburn - This colour is suitable for most clients wanting a deep rick brown.



Auburn Bright Red Amber - That can be added to any colour to warm it up

Black Classic - That can be added to any colour to cool it down or make it dark


Please note this is a naturally based product with over 99.5% of the ingredients coming from plants so there will be differences in each batch so please check your colours before using them on clients to see what the outcome will be. 

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