Brow Henna Set Blonde - #201, #202, #203

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Brow Henna Set Blonde - #201, #202, #203

Brow Henna Set Blonde - #201, #202, #203
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BROW HENNA SET BLONDE - #201, #202, #203

Three universal shades of Levchuk Brow Henna Set will give your eyebrows expressive volume, rich color and incredible fixation for up to six weeks. Thanks to the minimal usage of henna, one set is enough for 280-300 procedures.

Levchuk Brow Henna Set Brown is an ideal choice for light-blonde and dark-blonde beauties, burning brunettes, and languid blonde-haired women.

Levchuk Brow Henna Set Brown is specially developed for light-blonde and blonde women.

Delicious Henna comes packed in a 10 gram tube.

Henna is a 99.5% natural product that has the power to stain the skin and penetrate the hair shaft. 

Mixed with 4-5 drops of water into a paste and applied with a thin brush on the skin and hair shaft it is then left on for 15-20 minutes.

The colour effects last up to 14 days on the skin and up to 6 weeks on the hair shaft.


The kits are available in the original colours.

Blonde 201/202/203

Brown 101/102/103

Available in 12 colours:


Blonde #201 - Pearl Blonde

Blonde #202 - Light Blonde

Blonde #203 - Light Chestnut

Blonde #204 - Golden Blonde

Blonde #205 - Dark Blonde


Brown #101 - Neutral Brown

Brown #102 - Cold Coffee

Brown #103 - Rich Taupe

Brown #104 - Dark Chocolate

Brown #105 - Frosty Chestnut


Henna #210 - Amber Concentrate - that can be added to any colour to warm it up

Henna #110 - Graphite Concentrate - that can be added to any colour to cool it down or make it darker.

Levchuk Brow Henna colours:

Brown #101 - Neutral Brown - Suits dark blonde or light brown hair. In addition, No1 Neutral Brown is perfect for coloring very thin, plucked eyebrows.

Brown #102 - Cold Coffee - Is suitable for women with very white, alabaster skin, and women with brown eyes. When mixed with No 3 Rich Brown it gives a rich color similar to bitter chocolate, softening the olive tone of the skin.

Brown #103 - Rich Taupe - Is suitable for bright brunettes. When mixed with No2 Cold, it is suitable for very light, almost transparent skin.

Brown #104 - Dark Chocolate - Works well for brown-haired women and dark-haired women. It is indispensable for creating the image of a femme fatale.

Brown #105 - Frosty Chestnut - Is the brightest shade in the whole line. It works very well for women with dark hair and cold skin. In order to adjust the color saturation, one can simply vary the product’s consistency and number of layers applied.

Blonde #201 - Pearl Blonde - Works well for blondes with very white, almost transparent skin. It gives a very gentle result that is as natural as possible. We recommended adding a bit of graphite concentrate to avoid an undesirable warm tint with yellowness.

Blonde #202 - Light Blonde - Is for women with olive skin tone, as it softens the coldness of the skin. It is also recommended for women with Slavic skin types. When mixed with No 3 Light Chestnut it turns into a beautiful muscat color.

Blonde #203 - Light Chestnut - Is one of the most popular shades for blondes with honey, golden and apricot hair tones. Also recommended to women with bright red hair.

Blonde #204 - Golden Blonde - Is a very soft, gentle color. It is suitable for blonde women. When used for coloring, it gives a warm look that is as natural as possible. It gives volume and density even to naturally thin eyebrows.

Blonde #205 - Dark Blonde - Suits ashen blonde and dark-blond women, as well as women with a Slavic or European appearance. It gives as natural a look as possible.

Henna #110 - Graphite Concentrate - Levchuk Brow Henna is used for darkening the color. Just a few grains are necessary for a saturated color.

Henna #210 - Amber Concentrate - Levchuk Brow Henna is used for lightening the color. It gives a shade of warmth, smoothly softening the color.

Please note this is a naturally based product with over 99.5% of the ingredients coming from plants so there will be differences in each batch so please check your colours before using them on clients to see what the outcome will be. 

**IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER** Please note, all of our eyelash extension adhesives, hennas, primers and removers are to be used by trained professionals only. Under no circumstance are they to be used on yourself. We are not responsible for the misuse of our eyelash extension products. You are solely responsible for the product once you purchase it from us. . MSDS is available upon request when the purchase is made. We have MSDS on all our liquid products. Please know that your safety is ost concern.




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