Gel-Me - Nail Set - Almond - Long Tip Extensions Included

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Gel-Me - Nail Set - Almond - Long Tip Extensions Included

Gel-Me - Nail Set - Almond - Long Tip Extensions Included
RRP: $299.00

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Ever wanted long beautiful nails? Mitty Gel-Me nail extension system is perfect for you. No more funny shaped uneven nails or excessive filing... Whether you get this done in a salon or at home, you are guaranteed to get the perfect shape every time!

What makes the Mitty Gel-Me Nail Extension system the best!

Mitty nail tips are high quality FULL COVER  that is applied on top of your natural nail allowing you to create perfect nails every time without excessive filing.

What we love about these:

Feels like your own nails 

Due to their specially designed shaped and material, these tips are light weight feeling like your natural nails. 

No Filing

Mitty full cover nail tips don't require filing to shape the nails or make them thinner. They are shaped and designed perfectly which means you just need to apply them to your nails. 


Unlike ordinary nail tips that are made from ABS plastic, Mitty tips are strong and don't bend easily. This means whether you go to a salon or do your nails at home, you don't need to add any special product on top of the nails to make them stronger. Just use them as they are. 

And more:

  • Less damaging to nail 
  • No strong fumes
  • Better adhesion
  • Can be done at home or salon

You can apply these using double-sided clear nail tape and nail glue for temporary use, or with Mitty builder gel for long wear. 

Mitty tips come in a stylish black box.  Each box has 500 pcs of nail tips in 10 sizes from 0 to 9

A tip to ensure long lasting: With a file (hand or electric) gently etch inside the nail tip where it will be attached to your nail. This will assists glue, tabs or gel to adhere better to your nail and reduces lifting. 

Mitty Gel-Me Nail Extension System contains:

1x 500pc box of Mitty Gel Nail Tips (Almond / Long Tip Extensions)

1x Mitty Brush on Builder Gel - See Through 15ml

1x Mitty PH Bonder10ml

1x Mitty Gel Primer10ml

1x Mitty Non-Wipe Gloss Top Coat10ml

1x Mitty Mini 6W Portable LED Lamp

1x Mitty 100/100 Nail File 

Just watch the easy to follow video below. You can do a complete look, yep 10 fingers. All the same size, shape, curve, contour, look. Your besties will think you went to the salon. 



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